Routes is an eight week game from Channel 4 Education in association with the Wellcome Trust that takes players into a world of genetics, evolution and the human genome.

Embedded in the game, Katherine Ryan, award-winning comedian, explores her own genetic make-up, and tests her DNA to find out whether it is her genes or her environment that define who she is. Can genes make you fat? Or gay? Do they hide critical information about disease? Can Katherine blame her genetic make-up for the fact that she gets drunk on two beers?

By exploring these questions, solving puzzles, playing mini games, trading tips and collaborating on challenges, players uncovered a compelling mystery that lay at the heart of Routes itself. The chief scientific advisor of Routes, Markus Schoenberg, went missing; you'll find that the story of his disappearance plays out across the whole web.

During the live run players were able to interact with characters inside the mystery. You can no longer do that, but that don't let that stop you from playing the mystery. Click on 'Murder Mystery' above to start, then follow the links on the page. If you dig deep enough, who knows what you'll find?

Routes was live from January 26th through to March 26th 2009.