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The weekly prize competition for DNA Heroes is now closed, but you can play to improve your high score to boost your points for the grand prize draw. Visit game rules and the FAQ for more

REMEMBER: Log in to Routes to save your high scores to be in with a chance at the prize.

Your DNA Heroes score also contributes to your overall weekly score on Routes. For more details on the weekly prize draw, click here. For more about how to boost your score, read the FAQ.

Create as many base pairs as possible to grow your DNA strand, and your score.

The bases, A, T, C and G are drawn along the strands in time with the music. Press the 1, 2, 3, 4 keys as each base moves over the marker to match your base pairs.

Correct key presses build pairs to lengthen your DNA sequence and score points. Miss a beat, and you’ll get errors in your code...