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The weekly prize competition for Ginger Dawn is now closed, but you can play to improve your high score to boost your points for the grand prize draw. Visit game rules and the FAQ for more.

REMEMBER: Log in to Routes to save your high scores to be in with a chance at the prize.

Gingers aren’t dying out: it’s just the Ginger gene is recessive, which means BOTH parents must have the gene to make Ginger kids.. Help boost the Ginger population by spreading the lurve and creating as many Ginger babies as possible.

Use the arrow keys to run around, locating suitable partners to maximise the potential of Ginger offspring. Remember, Gingers definitely have the Ginger gene, but Non-Gingers may have it as well!

You've got until midday until the sun burns you to a crisp, so make sure you're back in your little Ginger house before time runs out. Bagpipes will increase your attractiveness to other Gingers: it’s those Celtic roots! Suncream will let you stay out in the sun longer without burning your extra-pale skin.